Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock:
Sleep with Sheep
In 90 Minute Cycles.

Let's face the truth. Envisioning an endless series of identical white sheep jumping over a fence is overrated. Besides, the sheep don't want to be identical anymore. They have different needs. They have different desires. They have different styles. And they have different plans for tomorrow.

It turns out that they are also experts in sleeping in 90 minute cycles. They know that it highly increases their chances of waking up refreshed & full of energy. They Googled that sleeping in 90 minute cycles helps you wake up between so called "REM phases" (rapid eyes movement) and helps you establish regular sleep patterns. Because of this, the sheep mind seems “hyperassociative” - more receptive to semantic priming effects. According to some serious research people & sheep awakened after "REM phases" have performed better on tasks like anagrams and creative problem solving. Of course, the sheep do not believe in everything they find on the Internet. But the special formula they developed including 90 minute sleeping scenarios works for them like a charm.

The real question is whether the formula is going to work for you. In order to help you find out we developed a special sleep cycle alarm clock (basing on the feedback from the sheep questionnaires). We proudly present:
Sleep with Sheep in 90 Minute Cycles.

The Formula

Wake-Up Time = [ Current Time ] + [ I will fall asleep in about... ] + [ 90 minute sleeping scenario ]

By assessing how many minutes part you from falling asleep and adding a 90 minute scenario you increase your chances of waking up between REM phases and simultaneously you mitigate the risk of waking up in the middle of a REM phase. And this is exactly what good sleep is all about.

90 Minute Sleeping Scenarios

Quick Ninja Nap

90 minutes
(1.5 hour of sleep)

Sheep On The Moon

180 minutes
(3.0 hours of sleep)

Early Subway Ride

270 minutes
(4.5 hours of sleep)

Refreshed Einstein

360 minutes
(6.0 hours of sleep)

Busy, Busy Multitasker

450 minutes
(7.5 hours of sleep)

Sleep Like A Baby

540 minutes
(9.0 hours of sleep)

Extra Time

EXTRA TIME = [ Maximum Sleep Duration You Can Afford ] - [ Sleep Duration calculated by the App ]

The app will also help you generate some EXTRA TIME. Let's have an example. It's 10:30 PM & you're about to go to bed. You need to wake up around 7:00 AM to make it to work. So it's 8.5 hours from now. First, you decide (basing on your experience & circumstances) how long it will take you to fall asleep. Let's say you need 10 minutes. Once've set the right number of minutes using the slider the app will generate you the waking-up scenarios. And here's the thing. In most cases you will have to choose a scenario that wakes you up earlier than YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP. You won't choose a scenario that wakes you up later - otherwise you'll be late for work. Remember that each scenario is separated from the next one by +90 minute interval. Therefore, in our case you will choose 7.5 hrs scenario (5 REM phases, 450 minutes of sleep) because it will help you wake up at 6:10 AM (sleep time: 7.5 hrs + 10 minutes). As the result, you will wake up refreshed and you will have 50 EXTRA MINUTES! If you decide not to use the app & wake up at 7:00 AM you will take a risk of entering the next 90 minute cycle. As you already know waking up in the middle of a REM phase may ruin the whole thing and it can make you feel annoyed & tired.

Imagine how many EXTRA HOURS you can generate this way throughout the year!

Rate & Improve Your Sleep

Each time you wake up you can rate the quality of your sleep. Your ratings will be stored and the App will keep aggregating them. Thus, you will be able to see which sleeping scenarios work for you best. As you keep using the App, you become more self-aware of your sleeping habbits and your sleep becomes more regular.

The Sheep on the Screen

Take a very good look at The Sheep so that The Sheep can take a very good look at you.

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